Fake it 'Till You Make It? Better Yet, Understand Your Risks

Great read here on #Theranos and the recent fraud charges filed by the SEC.  The 'fake it till you make it' culture is real, not only in Silicon Valley but with inventors across the world.  Early in my career I had the opportunity to co-develop a first of its kind distillation technology.  The lead engineer on the project, and inspiration behind the idea said we had to find all of the curmudgeons in the company who could tell us what we were doing wrong.  After several humbling working sessions that left me licking my wounds we were able to address their concerns and ultimately come up with a more robust product.  Lesson learned--if you don't know what's wrong with your idea, someone else will figure it out.   Startups and inventors owe it to themselves, their employees, their investors, and their partners to understand the risks and better yet explain what you are doing to mitigate those risks.