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The 2018 International Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering will be held in Cincinnati OH.  I'll be speaking on 'Drawing on the Past to Innovate Towards a Sustainable Future'.  Please let me know if you will be attending!  

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2018 Process Development Symposium
to Jun 7

2018 Process Development Symposium

The 2018 Process Development Symposium (PDS) is a place to exchange wisdom, knowledge, tips, and personal experiences in the development and scale-up of chemical and related processes. PDS provides an opportunity for process development professionals from all across the country to discuss their experiences with novel and innovative technologies to trigger radical changes in next-generation processes development and operations. This symposium, planned jointly between AIChE and its Process Development Division, is held annually in early June. This year’s symposium will take place in Oak Brook, IL on June 5-7.

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to Mar 14

2018 AIChE Midwest Regional Conference

  • Illinois Institute of Technology (map)
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This annual conference is put on by the Chicago section of AIChE, and is a good forum to interact with the chemical engineering community in the Midwest.  I'll be speaking on "High Value Bioproducts--A Necessary Detour on the Road to a Robust Bioeconomy?".  Hope to see you there! Registration details at this link:  

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9:30 PM21:30

ABLC Next 2017

Presentation titled "Start With the Process Concept"

I participated on a panel at the ABLC Next 2017 in San Francisco, "Renewable Chemicals Summit--Scaling Renewable Technologies.  An Ear to the Past.  An Eye to the Future".

Panelists included:

  • James Iademarco, Strategic Avalanche (Moderator)
  • Mark Warner, Warner Advisors
  • Mike Schultz (see 21:00 - 32:26) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/109025000
  • Jeff Lievense, Genomatica
  • Jeff Robert, Fluid Quip
  • Pete Rocha, REG Life Sciences
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