process development

2018 AIChE Process Development Symposium (PDS)

I attended the 2018 PDS last week in the outskirts of Chicago.  This event is always a great forum to share the latest findings and best practices in process development across industries.  I saw a number of common themes emerging from the talks and posters (see the technical program here).  

  • Look inside your organization.  Know who is doing something that may help you solve your problem.
  • Look outside your organization.  Is someone else working in an area that could help your project?  Could be a great partnering opportunity!
  • Use data driven gate reviews, and make sure to have a systemic scale-up strategy, rather than a random walk to find results.  
  • Communication is critical.  Make sure the key internal and external stakeholders understand the value of your process development activities.  
  • Sustainability targets are real in many organizations, and driving process development objectives.  
  • Persistence and patience is important.  It takes time to work through scale-up!  
  • And most importantly, invent and innovate, but do things that matter and can get to market.  I learned early in my career that there is no shortage of technical problems to solve, so better to focus on things that can have a sustainable and economic impact.

  Thanks to AIChE for putting on a great event!